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  CBS    KPIX 5 News Early Edition    News; News/Business. Frank  
   Mallicoat and Michelle Griego. New.  

    July 11, 2013
    5:00 - 6:01am PDT  

is ahead. out there now you can see some of the monsoonal clouds sweeping through the southern part of the state bringing some showers there. it's getting cut off before it reaches the bay area so yeah, we are going to keep the temperatures down for today. we have some drizzle outside along the coastline. the temperatures now a cooler start to the day. starting out mainly into the 50s. a cool 50 degrees even in santa rosa, 58 in san jose. by the afternoon we'll see some sunshine, the temperatures cooler than last couple of days. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. even though it's drippy no problems. but from port chicago to willow pass it's sluggish through concord. but in antioch in the commute direction, everything is so far in the green. no delays there. let's go down towards milpitas and we can show you a look at the commute. 880 and 237. this traffic right here that's 237 traffic. coming up a check of mass transit and the rest of your bridges. in the meantime, back to you guys. developing news in the
search for that missing toddler in the east bay. 21-month-old daphne webb's father says she vanished from his suv, it was parked at international boulevard at 79th avenue in oakland about 11 a.m. yesterday. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland now. cate, i understand police have moved to the father's apartment now to search. is that right? >> reporter: that's right, frank. they are staged outside here still as we speak. we know that fbi and police did an extensive search last night but it's not yet known what they found or what they have learned. but the father says that 21 -- the father of the child, john webb, told place in this happened around -- told police this happened around 11:00 yesterday morning. he said he stopped at an convenience store to buy an energy drink leaving his daughter with a disabled relative inside his black ford suv. webb says when he got back, 21- month-old daphne viola webb was missing from her car seat. this is her picture. a witness says he saw webb
after it happened. >> he just appeared to be somebody who was going through something tragic not knowing what to do. >> reporter: police say witnesses saw a black or hispanic woman carrying a child in the area but a search turned up nothing. as you mentioned earlier, frank, one of the locations investigators search was the father's home. you can see there are still a few police cars outside and authorities have been telling us they have been going door to door showing daphne's pictures to neighbors. live in oakland, back to you. >> cate, is the father considered a suspect in the case? >> reporter: no. at this point police are insisting that the father is not a suspect. however, they have been putting out police or people, any witnesses who have seen little daphne with the father in the past three days, they would like them to come forward. >> cate caugiran live in oakland, thank you. clean-up crews are starting
to remove debris from runway 28- left. this is a live look right now. for now, they are only taking out small items not needed for the investigation. the bulk. wreckageof the wreckage is alongside the runway. officials are revealing more details about what happened before and after the plane went down. >> reporter: survivors visited the crash site of asiana flight 214 in a caravan of buses. the pilot landing the plane told investigators he was blinded by light just 34 seconds before the plane crashed on to a san francisco runway. federal investigators also say moments after impact, a pilot told a flight attendant not to evacuate passengers. >> the pilots indicated that they were working with air traffic control. >> reporter: the evacuation finally got under way 90 seconds later when a fire was spotted outside. investigators are looking into the plane's auto throttle
system which is like a car's cruise control to help pilots may tain speed. the pilot in training told investigators he thought the auto throttles were set to the proper landing speed. but the plane was moving too slowly. >> there are two pilots in the cockpit for a reason. and if they are using automation, a big key is to monitor. >> reporter: investigators are also trying to determine why two emergency evacuation slides deployed inside the plane trapping two flight attendants. six of the flight attendants on board appeared together yesterday to offer their prayers to the injured and the families of the two passengers killed. [ non-english language ] >> i hope for all the families who have suffered losses from this accident to recover as quickly as possible. >> reporter: six other flight attendants remain hospitalized. three were ejected from the plane when it crashed. newly released 911 recordings reveal passengers' frustrations as time went on with no sign of help out on the
tarmac. one woman called frantically trying to kept a fellow passenger alive. 're trying to keep her alive. at the time... callers did' hat ambulances were ordered to keep a safe dist away, in case the plane exploded. responders... >> at this time pilots didn't know that ambulances were ordered to keep a safe distances away from the plane just in case it exploded. from the first responders, flight crewmembers and even the passengers, the heroes of flight 214 look showcased in a kpix 5 special at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. and we may not have to wait until december to see the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. kpix 5's phil matier on a
proposed temporary fix to get that span open by the labor day weekend as originally planned. >> we can achieve that seismic safety within a month's time. okay? and we don't have to wait until december. >> reporter: that was professor feider seibel chair of the bay bridge's own review committee stating there is a temporary fix to the bridge's bolt problem that would allow the span to open by labor day. and that they need to get working on it right now. >> we do not know when the next earthquake will occur. we have to assume that it can occur any day. >> reporter: it's called shimming and basically it means installing wedges into the bridge's bearings to hold them in place in case there's an earthquake and they could hold them there until the complete saddle fix is completed come december. >> this is a very simple structural operation. the complete design for this shim has been done.
the contractor has the designs in front of them and as soon as we shim these pieces we still have achieved the full seismic safety of the bridge and we can achieve that seismic safety within a month's time. >> reporter: bridge officials, who had long been saying that a full fix was needed to open the bridge, were clearly caught off guard. >> uhm, and i do believe this idea merits further vetting. it's an idea -- it's a concept at this point that came up fairly late. >> not just a concept. it has been designed by the design team, has been approved by caltrans and passed on to the contractor, okay? so we are not just at a concept stage. >> i will tell you candidly the book he held up and talked about as a design, that's the first i've heard of it. >> i don't want to wait any day longer than necessary because we can have an earthquake at any time and the old bridge is not safe. >> reporter: phil matier, kpix
5. >> it will take a few weeks for bridge experts to figure out how much it will cost. in other headlines around the bay, nearly 10,000 marijuana plants were removed from a state park near gilroy. officials believe a mexican cartel was growing the illegal farm at henry coe state park. the grove of plants was found in a remote area and was airlifted out yesterday. officers didn't find any suspects but they found two rifles. a single plant is worth $5,000. a imagine project will begin in september to restore a popular beach in alameda. the $5.3 million plan will pump additional sand into robert crown memorial state beach. the focus is on the area near shoreline drive. the project's intent is to restore the area to what it was like 26 years ago. it should take about two months. a 2-year-old boy is the inspiration for a blood drive
in antioch today. matthew ouimet received a kidney and liver transplant last month. his mother set up the drive after people asked about donating for her son. the drive is at st. ignatius church on contra loma boulevard from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. today. kids diving into summer camp from pool time to field trips the surprising price for five days of fun in the sun. coming up. >> and a funnel cloud touches down in the midwest. the neighborhoods hit by flash flooding and fierce winds. >> and the clouds rolling back into the bay area. looks like we have a cooler day ahead. how long will that last? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and your 880 roadwork in oakland is right now clearing. we'll help you get to work. traffic coming up. ,, ♪
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afghanistan today. a car with three civilians struck the first bomb, when officers rushed to him a second bomb exploded. violent weather in western pennsylvania included this tornado caught on tape just north of pittsburgh. heavy rain caused flash flooding in the area. a number of trees were knocked down and barns were damaged. >> i'm glad we live in the bay area. a little fog we can deal it. we have a little fog at the coast. lawrence will talk about that coming up. delays on westbound 580 from tracy from 205 to north flynn we see things improve there on the sensors. this is early to see a slow drive time up to 20 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. no incidents, just a lot of cars trying to head westbound right now. silicon valley ride westbound
237 off to a fine start in milpitas. looks good towards sunnyvale. the rest of the south bay free and clear on the sensors including 101, nice ride through morgan hill up into san jose. if you are coming from downtown san jose guadalupe parkway and 280 look okay maybe a little bit of slower traffic there on 280 heading in the northbound direction but all mass transit looks good. bart has 38 trains all running on time. muni, caltrain and ace train number one no delays. so let's go outside show you what it looks like on some of our bridges. this morning at the bay bridge we have been seeing delays in this one cash lane for a while now since we have been on the air at 4:30. that's the only lane where we see slight delays. middle lanes for fastrak are okay. once you get past the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is good and here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. these taillights are the commute direction. westbound 92. eastbound coming off the high- rise both directions between hayward and foster city. it's 14 or 15 minutes.
that's your latest "timesaver traffic." now once again we are seeing a lot of fog in our traffic cameras. for more on that here's lawrence. drizzle at the coastline, you may need windshield wipers early this morning toward the beaches. clouds have surged onshore. a lot of monsoonal moisture making its way into southern california. expecting rain and showers rotating through there. but that's being cut off before it gets here so that means we have some low clouds and fog and the drizzle but that's about the worst of it. by the afternoon it should become mostly sunny and just a little bit cooler. warmer weekend is on tap and only slightly warmer as high pressure is starting to back off a little bit but some of that moisture rotating around. it made for some neat clouds yesterday. don't think we'll see those for today. looks like the cool sea breeze will blow in this afternoon keeping temperatures down at the coastline but the interior valleys hot about 99 in fresno, chance of thunderstorms at 92 in yosemite. about 65 degrees into monterey bay. clouds trying to break up a little bit throughout the day on our computer models but
really just some patchy fog continuing toward the coastline and then surging back onshore overnight tonight into toward tomorrow morning. temperatures warming up this afternoon under mostly sunny skies and about 81 in san jose. 76 in fremont. east bay numbers running up into the 80s in most spots so these numbers backing off a few degrees today and inside the bay you will see that sea breeze and a couple of patches of fog into san francisco at 64 degrees. 66 sausalito. and about 70 degrees in berkeley. next couple of days, we are going to keep those temperatures down just a bit then warm slightly throughout the weekend. maybe sneaking back up into the low 90s by sunday. really no major changes the next five to seven days so we are in a good pattern now here in the bay area. >> looks perfect. >> i like it. >> thank you. well, it might as well be the hottest place on earth. check this out. los angeles, you'll like this. death valley it was hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. remember, lawrence, you said it was 120 degrees yesterday? well, now park rangers are asking tourists to stop trying this. >> eggs everywhere. >> they bring the eggs, fry
them up and leave the mess behind. so they say no more. by the way, 100 years ago yesterday, death valley hit a whopping 134 degrees. >> you can do what kiet do's kids did, cookie dough on the dashboard of his car and baked cookies in a couple of hours. leave the eggs behind. summer is here and that means it's time to get the kids out of the house. >> a busy kid is a happy kid. here in san francisco there are a number of youngsters having a ball this summer. it is the salvation army's day camps to give kids a taste of the country among other things. and we think that's pretty cool. reporter: school is out and camp is on for over 41 san francisco kids who are all about to take over cupertino's blackberry farm pool. >> it's big, it's awesome and fun. it's like the only program that you get to go places. >> reporter: these six to 13-
year-old kids are all part of the salvation army's crock center day camps. for less than $100 a week, these youngsters enjoy five days packed with exciting field trips from swimming to theaters arts and crafts, computer classes, hiking, you name it, it's 10 summer weeks of -- >> fun! >> i love it. it's really fun. i like the counselors. they're really nice. it's awesome. >> reporter: what would you be doing if you weren't doing this? >> i don't know. be home and bored. >> reporter: the day camp is a kick but it also gets these kids a lift. a big summer shot of self- esteem not to mention a ticket to ride all over the bay area. is it kind of nice to get out of san francisco? >> yeah. >> reporter: how come? >> because the weather is completely different. and you get to see new people. >> they're very excited. some kids actually get ready for day camp better than they do for school. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i think it's a big hit. the crock center day camps, this week's cool camp! >> yeah!
>> it is fun for those kids because they're in san francisco not a bad place to be but a lot of them live in the fog belt and don't get a chance to get out a lot. you take 40 kids to a pool, get to love that. >> where it's hot so you want to get if the pool after that. so they're having fun. >> exactly. salvation army also offers camp redwood. it's a week in the santa cruz mountains for just a little over $200 a week. so it is not that expensive either if you want to check it out. what's cool about your summer camp or perhaps your school? if you're still in session? you can submit your nomination at our website, and we might come out and feature your camp or your school on the show. 5:19. investigators take a closer look at what the flight crew did right after the plane crash at sfo. the new debate over evacuation procedures. hey, coming up in sports, something the as had never been through before. and the giants, well, they are experiencing something they would like to certainly forget. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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those lines are getting longer. but the fastrak still once again getting by okay. we'll let you know as soon as they turn the metering lights on. "timesaver traffic" coming up. good morning, everybody. baseball up top. the giants, man, ten games unde .500. mets in the getaway game yesterday, mountain cane didn't see it coming shortest out of his career as they got to him early and often. he had location issues. two-thirds of an inning before he got yanked. gave up three runs. meantime former giants prospect zach wheeler, he was traded in the carlos beltran deal a couple summers ago. 7 innings, five strikeouts. giants won 7-2. meantime, giants pitcher chad gaudin was charged with lewdness after he allegedly groped a woman at a las vegas hospital 7 months ago. his lawyer says he has information that will exonerate him. as and pirates a late start
back east. 10 p.m. eastern. didn't slow down francisco liriano, six strikeouts, seven innings. pirates beat the as for the first time ever! 5-0 the final. the as have been 11-0 lifetime. mc hammer giving love to mark jackson. warriors gave him some love and picked up the option on his contract. he will stick around calling the signals on the warriors sidelines through the 2014-2015 season. that is sports at this hour. we'll see you around. we hope so, vern. thanks. play of the day is a diving catch. this time it's aj pollack against l.a. going, going, diving, looked like coco crisp a couple of days ago. ellis and the dodgers had the last laugh beating arizona 7-5 in 14 innings and sweeping the series. look out for the dodgers they are hot. that's a great catch. ohio state football fans always want to beat the school they call the school up north.
that school is michigan. when a young buckeye fan was diagnosed with cancer, he named his tumor michigan. 12-year-old grant reed had been battling brain cancer since 2011 and we are happy to report that grant has beaten michigan the tumor that is. he was released from the hospital last week after his final chemotherapy session. that's what inspired the fight. >> whatever it takes. i know the rivalry. and good for him. 5:25 right now. los angeles county fire is back as the bay area judge who agreed to let a convicted rapist out of jail. where they want to see him end up. i'm cate caugiran live in oakland where an amber alert is still in effect for a missing toddler. we'll tell you what the father says he was doing when his daughter was taken. ,,,,,,,,,,
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my baby just got taken. >> a bay area toddler snatched in oakland. >> the first 48 hours are critical. >> police and fbi agents swarm oakland with search dogs and helicopters. >> 911 emergency, what are you reporting? >> for the first time 911 calls from flight 214. >> we are now hearing the voices of passengers call for help. >> there are no ambulances here. we have been on the ground 20 minutes. >> critical injuries. >> hello? >> the flight crew told told the flight attend data not to initial nation in an evacuation. >> even though he has had a horrendous history it's all different now. >> one of the state's most notorious rapists is getting out of the prison. >> closing arguments start today in the george zimmerman murder trial. >> unless there is border security first, there will be no bill. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories
that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. good morning. it's thursday, july 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:30. developing news in oakland. police are searching for a toddler missing for nearly 18 hours. the girl's father called police yesterday morning saying she disappeared after he left her in his suv parked at international boulevard and 79th avenue. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland this morning. police are searching a number of spots, cate, including the father's home. >> reporter: michelle, police are still insisting that the father is not a suspect in this case. however, they are asking anyone who has seen the little girl with her dad in the last 30 days to please come forward. here's a photo of 21-month-old daphne viola, her father john webb says she was taken from his suv while his mother who has dementia was inside the car
with her. webb says he was running into a corner store to grab an energy drink. when he got back to the car he told police, his mother was still inside but little daphne was not in her car seat. oakland police say witnesses nearby were able to provide a suspect description. >> the suspect is described as a female african-american, 30 to 40 years old, she could possibly be hispanic, as well. >> reporter: fbi and police spent hours combing oakland's estuary with search dogs and helicopters as well as an extensive search of where the child was last seen. efforts shifted to daphne's home. there are police cars in the area. they have gone door to door showing daphne's picture to neighbors. back to you. >> do we know at this point if the search efforts turned up any new information? >> reporter: no. at this point we don't know
what they found or what they have learned. i'll have an update soon. >> cate caugiran live in oakland, thank you. new details are emerging about exactly what happened in the seconds right before asiana flight 214 crash at sfo last saturday. the pilot said he was blinded by some light 34 seconds before impact. another focus of the investigation is the plane's auto throttle system which is supposed to maintain speed like a car's cruise control. the pilot said he thought it was set to the proper landing speed. instead, the plane was moving too slowly. for more on the investigation into saturday's crash at sfo, deborah hersman national transportation safety board's chairman joins us now live from south san francisco this morning. thank you, deborah, for joining us. >> good morning. >> so tell us, where does the investigation stand this morning? >> last night, we turned over the runway and the salvage operations have begun on runway 28-left. they have to pick up those big
pieces and also clean up the small pieces. >> deborah, i understand the pilot said during their interviews with you folks that some sort of blinding light about 34 seconds before the impact was seen from the cockpit. can you shed any light on that? >> well, one of the pilots stated he saw something that was bright. they asked him what it was, to describe it, if it was a laser. he said it wasn't a laser. he said when he looked back in the cockpit he could see the instruments just fine. we think it was temporary but he relayed that to our investigators. >> a flight attendant said she went right after the crash, she went to the cockpit, asked the pilot what she should do and he said not to evacuate anyone from the plane. what is standard procedure and why would he say not to?
>> we certainly need to look at that. what we know is that they didn't immediately order an evacuation but once we had a flight attendant who was at the 2l door identified fire outside of the aircraft and got word not front, the evacuation -- got word to the front, the evacuation did begin. >> do you hope to have the wreckage out of there by the weekend? >> the 777 is a big structure so it's hard to tell how long it will take to remove it from the property. they are working on cleaning up the runway now. the airport will have to do some resurfacing to make sure it's safe and ready to open. but the structure is going to take some time to remove. we are going to have to take it out in parts. >> we have heard a lot of the 911 calls that came in from the passengers after the crash who were telling the 911 operators they needed emergency vehicles there. some even said they were on the ground, 20, 30 minutes. people were critical laying on the ground. how long did it take for
emergency crews to get there? >> well, we're certainly working to put all that information together. we know this is a huge response effort. the initial interviews that we conducted yesterday, we revealed that two minutes after the first emergency vehicles arrived and then three minutes after, the first fire agent, the first suppressant was applied to the right side of the aircraft. we are still looking at all the ambulances and other things that responded to see how those times line up. >> deborah hersman, ntsb chairman, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. first responders, flight crewmembers and even the passengers have shared amazing stories this week of survival and courage. tonight we are going to honor the heroes of flight 214 in a special program. it all starts at 7:00 tonight right here on kpix 5. checking other bay area
headlines, the fbi and irs raided the oakland campuses of the american indian charter school. yesterday's operations were part of a criminal investigation into alleged financial improprieties. the oakland school board ordered the schools to be closed in march but the administrators are appealing to the state. two girls accused of attacking an elderly woman on muni are now in jail. surveillance video showed the suspects punching a woman and then stealing her purse last month. an anonymous caller recognized one of the girls and gave her name last weekend. the other suspect turned herself in. defense attorneys will ask a jury today to acquit the man accused in the richmond high gang-rape case. marcelles peter showed little emotion in closing arguments. prosecutors claim he raped a 16- year-old student at a school dance in 2009 then took pictures and urged others to join in. peter claims he left before the attack. he faces a life sentence if convicted. 5:36 now. a santa clara county judge has
decided to release a serial rapist back to his hometown in l.a. county. christopher hubbard has admitted to raping 40 women in southern california and here in the bay area in the '70s and '80s. he has been in a state mental hospital for years and doctors tell the judge he is no longer a threat even though he has reoffended every time he has been released. >> perhaps the judge should take him and let him live in santa clara in his neighborhood if he wants him out so badly. >> when hubbard is released he will be monitored around the clock with a gps ankle bracelet and will have to continue treatment, be subject to search and have a curfew. closing arguments are set to begin today in the murder trial of george zimmerman. he is accused of shooting and killing trayvon martin in a florida neighborhood last year. the defense rested its case yesterday without the neighborhood watch volunteer taking the stand. a question of whether or not zimmerman would testify led to a heated exchange between the judge and the defense
attorneys. >> and have you made a decision, sir, as to whether or not you want to testify? >> i object. >> overruled. >> have you made a decision as to whether or not you want to testify in the case? >> i object to that question. >> overruled. the court is entitled to to determine whether or not mr. zimmerman wants to testify. mr. zimmerman have you made a decision as to whether or not you want to testify in this case? >> zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder but the jury could be instructed to consider lesser charges including manslaughter. president obama and former president bush are calling on congress to pass immigration reform legislation. gop members met for more than two hours to discuss the topic yesterday. republicans largely agree on border security of, but they are split 50/50 on the issue of citizenship. >> i will not under any circumstances either reward or
ratify illegal conduct with my vote. >> the senate has already passed a bill paving the way to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens. the first votes on immigration reform in the house aren't expected until september. it's 5:39. it's foggy this morning. he had his windshield wipers this morning. >> at the coast it's wet this morning. we have drizzle at the coast. looks like it is going to be one of those summer days where the fog just slowly works its way back toward the beaches leaving behind some sunshine. but some cooler temperatures for today. you can see some of that monsoonal moisture to our south bringing some showers even some thunderstorms into the high country. we are left with a few clouds here but this is just our typical low clouds and following outside with drizzle at the beaches. temperatures now staying mainly in the 50s. i think by the afternoon, the highs are going to be cooler outside today. the numbers running 70s and 80s into the south bay and the east bay. sea breeze at 64 degrees. let's check traffic with elizabeth. for the last 15 minutes we
have been watching an accident near the dublin interchange westbound 580 approaching hopyard. it was just cleared to the right-hand shoulder. so let's see what it looks like. headlights are westbound traffic it is a little sluggish right there in the commute direction and the drive time is up to 25 minutes or so from the altamont pass out towards 680. getting an update now on your bay bridge commute, turns out there was an accident, a smaller fender-bender approaching one of the left cash lanes. so that should be cleared now. we saw emergency crews heading to the scene. it's only the cash lanes that are backing up. the middle lanes still are free and clear. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. it is 5:40. some people want to know what were they thinking? the list of multicultural tips that just got target sued. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. morning on word the fed will continue supporting the eco. the market opens in about 45 minutes. stock futures are jumping this morning on world the fed will continue supporting the economy. the market opens in about 45 minutes. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is on this morning to talk about credit scores. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> so tell us why -- i think we know why but they are pretty important, aren't they? >> reporter: they are. by the way, employers starting to look at our credit so we better make sure everything is
hunky dore there. don't forget lenders use credit scores to predict how well equipped consumers are to manage credit and repay a loan. higher the score, lower risk, lower interest rate. the score is based on your credit report from three different agencies. the phiko score is the one you probably heard of most weekly used. the highest possible score with fico is 850. that may be just for frank. the rest of us mere mortals 750. that's the magic level where you get the best rates. >> i actually refinanced and my score went down. >> oh. >> yeah. >> reporter: i'm going to explain why that is as a matter of fact. >> tell us why. what determines the score? >> reporter: well, let's tell you, the first and most important part a third of your score is based on your payment history. so that's why it's important to pay your bills on time. another 30% is based on what you owe relative to it your available credit limit. this is known as credit utilization. the number one reason why you should keep credit cards open
even if you don't use them. now, here's the part that you're talking about, frank. 15% of your score is based on how long a credit history you have had. but the next 10% is tied to opening new credit accounts and having your credit checked. so if you and i just look and say, hey, what's my credit, that's not going to change your score. but a hard inquiry from a loan company, bank, credit card, has a measurable impact on your score. last 10% comes from the mix of credit like auto loans and mortgages and credit cards. so this is really important. americans are starting to borrow more freely in the last report we found that out. just keep an eye on this. you can request a free copy of your credit report at every year. you have to manage this credit history and score. it will follow you throughout your financial life. >> i'm down to 833 now. [ laughter ] >> oh, for god's sake. >> i'm kidding. >> he's perfect, jill. >> not even close.
>> , of course he is. >> of course. jill, have a great day. >> thank you. look at this. a massive mud slide trapped about 20 cars on a colorado highway. cars were half buried and at least one was swept down the road yesterday. this is just outside colorado springs. crews used bulldozers to clean up the mess and reopen u.s. highway 24 a few hours later. more than a half inch of rain fell in just 10 minutes in that area. and check this out. a huge wall of dust known as a haboob rolled through the southern part of arizona yesterday! this is about an hour south of phoenix. apparently winds from a thunderstorm kicked up all that dust. at one point, visibility was less than a quarter of a mile. and dust storms are pretty common during arizona's monsoon season. it happens every year. right? the haboobs ? >> you get the haboobs, big thunderstorms rolling in, you get a big downdraft and it picks up all that dust and debris and makes a mess of things. >> what do you do on the golf course?
you're done. >> game over! hey, guys, around the bay area today we don't have to worry about that but we have lots of low clouds and fog around the bay area. and it has swept well onshore this morning into some of the valleys. so it's looking like a cooler day ahead as high pressure now is sliding to the east and we have low pressure making its way out of the gulf of alaska so that's going to bring some cool sea breezes to the bay area at least for the next couple of days. then it looks like that ridge will start to build in ever so slightly over the weekend to warm us up just a little bit. in the meantime, though we are expecting some hot temperatures in the central valley but not as hot as it's been. still 99 degrees in fresno. 92 and the possibility of some thunderstorms in yosemite so watch out for that. about 65 degrees becoming partly cloudy into monterey bay this afternoon. low clouds and fog early on this morning. then breaking up a little bit. that patchy fog returning to the coastline and sliding back onshore. we'll probably see more drizzle as we head in toward tomorrow morning. temperatures going to be down but still comfortable today. a warm 81 degrees in san jose. 86 in morgan hill. about 63 degrees and cloudy skies into pacifica. numbers in the east bay out of
the 90s now but as high as 87 in livermore. about 84 in -- about 84 in danville. cooler temperatures inside the bay and stronger sea breeze. 64 in san francisco and about 70 degrees in alameda. next couple of days, we'll see some cooler temperatures then slowly warming up over the weekend. then look likes we'll hold steady pretty typical summer pattern through the middle of the week. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. a pretty typical light summertime traffic pattern, as well. in fact, we really haven't seen too many incidents since we have been on the air for the last hour and a half. let's go out live towards the dublin interchange. westbound 580 approaching 680 we had a smaller fender-bender. i just mention it because it's cleared to the right-hand shoulder. a few brake lights just a couple of slow sensors right there in the dublin-pleasanton area. but the bigger backups are farther east coming out of tracy 205, 27 minutes is that drive time there out towards 680 and the dublin interchange. so we are seeing those brake lights now all the way to about vasco but the nimitz and the
eastshore freeway all look pretty good. let's go outside show you a live look at 880. and these taillights northbound traffic 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. by the way they picked up the overnight roadwork. it was southbound 880 approaching high street. coming up, we'll get a check of the bay bridge where things are getting busy there. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> heating up. thank you, liz. google's chrome book is beating expectations as the rest of the personal computer industry is shrink. critics dismissed the bare bones laptop when it debuted two years ago. according to a trade group chrome books have won 25% of the u.s. market for laptops that cost less than $300. that makes google's chrome book the fastest growing part of the pc industry. more signs traditional copper land line phone service may be going away. verizon doesn't want to replace washed away lines after hurricane sandy. the phone company is offering a wireless alternative to 300 customers and dozens of businesses in one new york suburb. and this week, at&t says it
wants to do away with its copper wire network. only one in four homes is expected to have a land line by the end of the year. ♪[ music ] >> good boy, good. >> tv is going to the dogs. it's goinged in a too. starting august 1, dog owners will get a directv channel programmed to appeal to canines home alone. it's going national, too. people can watch it and many do especially the dog lovers. >> especially them. target is at the center of a racial discrimination lawsuit by three former workers in northern california. the employees were fired in 2011 and 2012 from a distribution center in yolo county. the suit contends they endured racial slurs and were eventually fired because they are hispanic. the evidence includes an official looking labor relations document that reportedly points out differences among hispanics of different countries. >> they don't all wear sombreros. [ laughter ] >> what kind of tip is that? >> in a statement, target said,
quote, this document which is used during conversations at one distribution center, was never part of any formal or company-wide training." 5:51. imagine staying away in the middle of brain surgery? you're going to meet the man who was not only awake; he played a guitar while doctors were operating on his brain. we'll tell you why coming up. ,,,, 3q my asthma's under control.
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video. she dumped the coffee. nate, we appreciate it. [ laughter ] >> he did a good thing. thank you for the video, as well. on this morning's healthwatch, if you live into your 90s you're likely to be mentally sharper than people that old were a decade ago. researchers in denmark found people born in 1915 performed better on cognitive tests as well as activities of daily living and they were nearly one- third more likely to live until the age of 95 or more. >> we can only hope. it's not just how much fat but where you carry fat. the fat on your body makes a difference. the researchers say extensive belly fat means danger of heart disease or cancer. the study found a link between stomach fat and the diseases, but it didn't prove if the fat causes heart problems or cancer. brain surgery is scary enough but now a man who had it while awake was playing a
guitar, he is sharing his story story. ♪[ music ] >> sounds good. the musician and actor strummed the guitar for six hours in may after he got a pacemaker in the brain to stop tremors. his playing helped surgeons where to put the device in his brain. >> i remember trying to play it slowly and show them the tremor and it's a lot of team work involved and a lot of back and forth. >> it looks great. brad put on a mini concert at the ucla medical center yesterday to show off how well his surgery worked. hospital has performed 500 of these operations. by the way, this was the first one where someone played the guitar. >> amazing. >> really is. countdown to the royal birth is on. >> the future heir to the british throne is expected to arrive this week and that means the photographers are getting ready. they are setting up camps outside the london hospital where kate will give birth. many have brought in ladders to
get the best view of the entrance. the reporters and photographers are having fun while they wait. tons of signs are going up around the media tent. >> don't feed the photographers, i think is probably my favorite of all of them. but, yeah, you shouldn't feed them. >> he says no. the baby will be third in line to the throne so of course creating a lot of buzz. >> i think it's going to be a little princess. we'll find out soon. next half hour coming up, wreckage removal. the clean-up of flight 214 continues. what we're now learning about the crash investigation this morning. >> reporter: i'm cate caugiran live in oakland where an amber alert is still in effect for a little girl. we'll tell you where police have focused their search efforts. ,,,,
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losing a woman here. they survived the crash of flight 2-1-4. now - hear the dramatic 9-1-1 calls fr the
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald we're live in oakland where police and fbi are still searching for a little girl taken from her family's suv. we'll tell you what the father says he was doing when she was taken. there are people laying on the tarmac with critical head injuries. they survived the crash of flight 214. hear the dramatic 911 calls from the passengers. >> might need the windshield wiper today from the drizzle. the fog is thick. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the delays are beginning to build over at the bay bridge. especially in the cash lanes. we'll have more coming up. thank you, liz. good morning, closing in on the weekend. thursday, july 11. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm moping. time now is 6:00. lawrence, we love thursday. >> i'm michelle griego. >> lawrence, we love thursday. >> big changes for today. we have a very